The Day Would Come

This is the box that I will keep part of Lori’s ashes in (the rest will get scattered). The box was created in the traditional Bentwood style by a Coast Salish artisan. Represented is an eagle–one of Lori’s favorite creatures. These are my rings, which will one day be joined by hers…hopefully…but that is another journey and another story.
I knew this—
The day would come.
It was not marked
On the calendar.
I would know
When it felt—
Last night
The time came.
It was not
To be a moment
Of mourning
As much as
One of remembrance.
Of honor.
Of joy
And love shared.
And so I removed
The band I had worn
From the first day—
I do.
To the last day—
Do us part.
Symbols of
Our life together.
And the band
I had worn
That marked
Our tenth year
Of thirty.
It was not
A good bye.
It was not
To say I will now
Forget you.
It was
To say:
Thank you.