Because of the Love

People will enter our lives,
And we will enter theirs.
For a period…
Not always ours
To control.
We will love them
With everything we have,
And with new love
We didn’t know
We were capable of giving
Until they came along.
Sometimes though
Loving them is not enough
And we must let them go—
For the earthly time
That they were ours,
And that we were theirs,
Must end.
They will live on
Within us,
And within our power
To love.
A power
Now even greater
For them having
Loved us.
May we choose
Not to weep
For what we have lost,
That was never truly ours,
But belonged to
All of Creation.
May we rejoice
At the greater ability
We have now to love
And be loved
Because of the love
They gave to us.